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Welcome to Brawta Living!  

Together we purchase familiar things more quickly, conveniently and economically right from your computer or mobile smart phone. Shopping with us opens up a whole new experience, validating the Brawta Lifestyle, getting more for less!

Brawta Living is your marketplace that is filled with promotional offers from local and overseas vendors. Through select business channels, goods and services are offered at discount prices to all registered account holders of Brawta Living. These offers are usually discounted for a specified time and is generally not available at the same time or the same price as offers at the walk-in brick and mortar locations.

As you shop on our platform, we have outlined below how best to purchase and redeem the products and services from our site. We hope all of this will help make life a little easier as you continue your pursuit of getting more for less.

Online purchases using Visa / Mastercard or bank deposit

  • Log on via web or on your mobile device
  • Register and open your Brawta account by signing up
  • Select your offer and then click “Buy Now” or alternatively, if it’s not a buy now call to action offer, select the Vendor to Contact you option, filling. In your name, phone number and email which give’s the vendor permission to contact you about their promotion.
  • If this is your first-time shopping on our site you will have the choice of paying using your Visa / Mastercard, credit / debit or PayPal. We do not store or keep any of your card details on our platform. The final option is to place an order then transfer or deposit funds to our NCB bank account within 24 hours. If additional time is required, please contact our customer care at 876-485-1800
  • Once your bank approves your purchase an email will be sent to your inbox with your sales receipt and voucher code.  Alternatively, if you placed an order you will receive two separate emails, the first one reflecting that your order was received followed by another with your voucher code upon receipt of your payment. Please note that payments using visa /Mastercard takes priority over an order placed and if an offer is sold out an order placed has a high possibility of not being filled.
  • You may print the voucher code and take it with you for redemption or show the merchant on your smartphone who will then release the product or service to you.
  • Please tip generously where applicable as we support local business and their values. The voucher you received from us is your proof of payment.

Brawta Living, getting more for less, it’s a lifestyle!

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