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Over many years, Brawta has built a solid reputation in promoting lifestyle brands on our ecommerce platform. For those of you who are not familiar with us, kindly check out the testimonials from a few of our vendors in the above video. We don’t like to blow our own horn, but here are five fun facts for your consideration: 1) 80,000 opted-in subscribers; 2) Mostly women in the 25 to 40 age group; 3) 130,000 social media followers; 4) Over 450 vendors; 5) Saving Jamaican’s $500 million Dollars. We recently redesigned and implemented an entirely new platform which allows you to now create and manage your very own promotional offers.

We provide you with the tools to help you create, copywrite, upload your images and video while managing your offer. Your offer is aligned and works comprehensively with our digital and advertising services that delivers measured results. We invite you now to register and opt-in to one of three monthly plans that are loaded with benefits to help your business grow.

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Help us to know about your business as we provide access to our digital services

Select a Plan

Gives you the most cost- efficient way to run all your promotions

Create Your Promotion

Last step towards increasing your brands exposure and acquiring new customers

Benefits of Registration & Opt-In to a Plan

Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22 Create and manage your promotion

Promotions are one of the most cost effective, measurable, marketing tools designed to acquire new customers which is applied every day by businesses to generate needed cash flow

As a monthly opted-in subscriber you automatically qualify for lower transaction fees associated with each sale on our platform

Create an offer then select a call to action that is aligned with your type of business. The result of one action is an immediate sale while the other leads you to a qualified buyer with a high interest of purchasing your product or service.

You have access to professional photographers and videographers who will produce the best content required exclusively for our platform and advertising channels at Brawta prices

We deliver monthly reports that captures and compare your brands performance against your top competitors.

Your promotional offers are pushed to thousands of opted-in segmented subscribers who anxiously await the best from our weekly offer

We recommend carving out an advertising budget to boost engagement on our various channels that will result in additional traffic landing directly on your promotion

Over the years our curated offers has developed quite a number of followers which will align your brand with additional exposure

Our live weekly broadcast adds increased viewership to your promotion as you engage our audience with discussions and promotional give-a-ways resulting in the best opportunity to a comprehensive and successful campaign.

our copywriting professionals deliver blog articles around a certain topic that drives customer interest and engagement.

providing you with comparative monthly data with measured results leading you to make informed decisions.

Jamaican’s overseas continue to buy our local products and services for their families but they want more offers. Create your promotion and answer the call.

Subscription Packages

We have analyzed the data and paid attention to your recommendations resulting in a monthly recurring plan specifically
designed for your business depending on where it’s positioned in its business life cycle.


$0 Forever Free

You are an individual with a new product / service or have a new business and not sure how running a promotion could make a difference in attracting and acquiring new customers

  • 2 Offers Promotion
  • 15% Commission Per Sale
  • Access To Qualified Leads
  • Limited Dashboard Access
  • Customer Care Support
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$99 for 30 Days

You already manage a business and see the wisdom behind marketing, promoting and advertising your products and services.

  • 4 Offers Promotion
  • 13% Commission Per Sale
  • Access To Qualified Leads
  • Full Dashboard Access
  • 4 Email Blasts
  • 4 Social media post
  • 1 Sponsored Ad
  • Priority Support


$149 for 30 Days

You are an experienced business executive and believe in the frequent exposure of your brand. This is accomplished using a specific call to action that delivers measured results to curate the highest ROI that affords the best opportunity to summit each promotion

  • Unlimited Offers Promotion
  • 11% Commission Per Sale
  • Access To Qualified Leads
  • Full dashboard access
  • 4 Social media post
  • 4 Email blast
  • 1 Brawta Live
  • 2 Sponsored Ads
  • Dedicated Support
  • Priority weekly payment

Start Plus

$49 for 30 Days

You are an individual with a new product / service or have a new business and not sure how running a promotion could make a difference in attracting and acquiring new customers

  • Lower transaction fees
  • customer care support
  • Full Dashboard
  • 2 social media post
  • 2 email blast

Corporate Branding

$249 for 30 Days

You will have access to customer views and clicks. We will manage a sponsored ad for free meaning whatever budget they chose will be used entirely towards the advert and we will manage it for free. A dedicated account manager is assigned to the vendor account.

  • 30 day placement on Brawta platform
  • One Social media postn
  • One Email blast
  • Manage one sponsored ad
  • Dedicated manager support
  • View & click analytics

Add-On Digital Services for Registered Member

As a registered member you are invited to purchase other add-on services below that may not be covered in your subscription plan. Alternatively, consider our Grow and Summit packages

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