Brawta Team

Meet Some of Our Team Members

William Massias

CEO and Founder

William Massias is our CEO and Founder of this amazing company. William has extensive business experience in owning several of his own companies including a bank! He leads by example and his management style is simple but highly effective which is what has caused BRAWTA to grow so fast – Lead by faith, not by fear is his motto! No one can finish their box lunch as fast as William. Many work lunch competitions have proven this.

Elaina Young-Williams

Customer Care Manager

Elaina Young-Williams is our Customer Care Manager at Brawta Living. She is extremely talented at customer relations and customer care and she is an exceptionally organized person! She also helps to manage another amazing local business – HEALTHY CHEF JA! She is big on family and has two beautiful kids who have become part of the Brawta Family !

Aldean Moncrieffe

Customer Care Representative

Aldean Moncrieff is one of our Customer Care Representatives at Brawta Living. He is an Excellent Customer Care Rep and has a unique skill set which makes for excellent management. He enjoys helping people and making sure each customer has a wonderful experience! He loves conflict resolution and is a big part of the Brawta Family!

Kevin Bourke

Sr. Business Development Manager

Kevin Bourke is our Sr. Business Development Manager at BrawtaLiving. His great experience in creating new strategic opportunities makes him an MVP to the Brawta Living Team. He is also the owner and co-founder of a large cultural, wellness and musical festival in Jamaica called Tomorrow Today (TmrwTday)
He cannot eat a normal meal without some serious hot sauce!

Natali Daley

Content Manager

Natali Daley is our Content Manager at Brawta Living. She is an extremely organized and uniquely creative individual! She is also a graphic designer by background! She is also an illustrator and an artist who has made a name for herself in “ AfroArt “ or African inspired art. She somehow manages to eat more than most of the guys at our company but you would never tell !

Rachelle Thompson

Business Development Coordinator

Rachelle is one of our Business Development Coordinators at Brawta Living. She is also a Host on TVJ and uses her skill set at Brawta through informative videos and Public Relations. She enjoys helping people and having beach days with her friends and family She loves her job and the Brawta Family! She is a superstar !

Nick Williams

IT Consultant

Nick Williams is our IT Consultant at Brawta Living. He is an IT genius and his experience in implementation and troubleshooting makes him an asset to the Brawta Living Team. He always wears unorthodox styles of clothing to the office. This is a rare opportunity to see him in a team shirt.

Varun Baker

Digital Solutions Manager

Digital Solutions Manager

Varun Baker is our IT and Digital Solutions Manager. Varun has over 11 years of Enterprise Level Industry Experience in Business Communications and Operational Management Varun is a vegetarian and shows us how to eat well at Brawta ! He could probably hack into your iPhone if you forgot your password !

Matthew Khoury

Digital Strategy Manager

Matthew Khoury is our Digital Strategy Manager at Brawta. He is a project manager and has significant corporate experience as well as team building experience. He is a professional photographer and responsible for all those awesome images you see on our site. He still doesn’t like vegetables but he’s always offering to share what he has with others.

Natasha Ghantous

Business Development Coordinator

Natasha Gantous is one of our Business Development Coordinators at Brawta. She is one of our hardest hitting saleswomen at Brawta. She is a no nonsense woman and comes to Brawta with sales experience from the tourism and hospitality industry. Her favorite thing to do besides work is go to the beach on a Sunday!

Uliana Afanasenko

Business Development Coordinator

Uliana Afanasenko is one of our Business Development Coordinavtors at Brawta. She came to Brawta with a degree in cultural studies and an exceptional eye for photography. She’s very talented in creating unique deals and always willing to lend a helping hand. She works hard!

Tamika Gayle

Accountant & Administrative Officer

Tamika Gayle came to Brawta with more than 5 years experience as an Accountant. She’s excellent with numbers and also extremely family oriented. She’s also by nature a very quiet person but also the first one to ask everyone in the office for snacks and treats. A true foodie !

Hugh Clarke

Digital Support Specialist 


Hugh Clarke is a Digital Support Specialist . He has a solid background in set and film production. His writing skills are impeccable and he is also a large support to our digital solutions and customer service team! He enjoys writing and script crafting and is an extremely hard working young man.