Internationally Accredited Certified Digital Marketing Associate 


Up to 29% off to become certified in Digital Advertising, Content Marketing & Digital Marketing Associate

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Up to 29% off to become certified in Digital Advertising, Content Marketing & Digital Marketing Associate

Choose From The Following Courses Listed Below:

  • Only $39,500 which is 29% off the original price for Accredited Digital Advertising Certification
  • Only $39,500 which is 29% off the original price for Accredited Content Marketing Certification
  • Only $61,350 which is 24% off the original price for Internationally Accredited Certified Digital Marketing Associate (DMI Essential)

Accredited Digital Advertising Certification
The Advertising Design Certificate Program is unique in providing industry-specific education for future advertising writers, account executives and art directors. Our faculty are advertising and marketing industry professionals. We teach the creative aspects of advertising through hands-on studio work combined with theoretical, strategic, and historical perspectives. Courses additionally draw on the constructs and paradigms of marketing, research, sociology, psychology, visual art and design to enrich and extend the understanding of advertising concepts and applications. Please be advised that the advertising courses are consecutive and that enrollment is therefore limited.

● Give you the basic knowledge to jump-start a career in advertising in the agency field or a corporate setting.
● Create and display a solid advertising portfolio to use for job interviews and/or to secure freelance opportunities.
● Develop strong creative skills and versatility applicable to a broad range of advertising industry careers in both agency and corporate settings.

● Develop contacts within the advertising field through exposure to the Advertising Industry.

● Gain the skills needed to work as an entry-level art director, copywriter, or account coordinator in all media.

● Advertising Research & Strategy
● Client Relations
● Copywriting
● Creative Advertising Concepts

Course Delivery:
The course is self-paced and will be delivered Online through our 1on1 learning Platform

Accredited Content Marketing Certification:
Content marketing has become one of the most successful assets a business can leverage. Consumers prefer to make informed decisions, and what better way to learn about a product than through informative content and reviews?
iCreate will provide Content Marketing training and professional guidance on how to leverage your company’s marketing, sales, and social content to engage consumers and improve ROI. Students will develop a strong understanding of content marketing, including tools and strategies to reach marketing and revenue goals. We will deliver content on proven tracking methods to measure and build out effective content marketing strategies and calendars.


  • Content Marketing Concepts And Strategy
  • Using Content Research To Find Opportunities
  • Developing A Content Marketing Plan
  • Creating And Curating Content
  • Publishing And Distributing Content
  • Metrics And Content Marketing Performance

Course Delivery:
The course is self-paced and will be delivered online through our 1on1 learning platform.

Internationally Accredited Certified Digital Marketing Associate.
This program provides an in-depth and comprehensive introduction to the core essentials of digital marketing. Validated by the Digital Marketing Institute’s Industry Advisory Council, the learning content is informed and designed by experts and offers learners the opportunity to gain a globally recognised professional certification. Covered within this program are the structural foundations of digital marketing including- Social Customer Service, Web and Email, Social Media and much more.

Your DMI Certification:
> Gives you the skills you need to speak loud and clear to the right audiences
> Tells the world what you know and what you can do – your DMI Certification acts like a magic key. Doors open
> Means you travel well between different opportunities and countries. It’s your oyster
> Aligns with other qualification frameworks across the globe. Take that ball and run with it
> Gives you powers you may not yet even understand, yet whose awesome potential will reveal itself in new and startling ways throughout your career

DMI ESSENTIALS is for anyone who understands the importance of staying relevant; who knows the game has changed – and won’t stop changing anytime soon. Digital has transformed customers’ behavior too, so an understanding of key digital concepts is essential in reaching, engaging and retaining them. It’s about taking back control, responding dynamically and creating change in your career and in your organisation.

> How consumers think, feel and behave in this new digital age
> How does your brand work on digital? How to create a presence that people engage with
> Social media because we are social animals. How social means your brand travels further and better – and how to make it happen
> Social media as a new and terrific customer service channel
> The challenges, risks and reputational issues that affect organizations. How to take charge of your brand narrative and respond to challenges
> The digital mindset. A new way to achieve business goals
> All kinds of tech tools and clever tactics to create, implement and measure effective digital campaigns

1. Foundations of Digital
2. Web and Email
3. Social Media
4. Social Customer Service
5. Challenges and Risks
6. The Digital Mindset

We live our promise of new and relevant. ‘No point learning new stuff in tired old formats’ – our clever new Learning Platform is what they talk about when they talk about immersive. The user experience is smooth, seamless and all about you. Let it make you smart and happy on desktop, mobile or tablet. Here’s how the latest version walks the talk on new:
> Short courses called DMI SPRINTS (Analytics, Content Marketing, GDPR, UX Essentials, CX Essentials, Graphic Design). They’re called sprints because this is efficient learning that takes you where you want to go – fast
> Up to 60% more learning interactions
> Bite-sized lessons (10-20 minutes)
But that’s not all. We have also created a 360 degree learning environment for you, which we call MYDMI.

The course is self-paced, however, the recommended completion time would be between 1 month to 3 months.

The course ends. Your new life begins.  But first comes The Test. Yes, it’s an assessment but not as you know it. The Test is punchy, focused and dynamic. It happens via a screen (of course). Questions come in different formats including text-based multiple choice; image-based multiple choice, matching and hot spot questions. You can take The Test anywhere in the world; everybody gets the same experience. It lasts 60 minutes, and afterwards (fingers crossed) you are never quite the same. You are a new kind of marketeer, a DMI Certified digital animal ready to thrive in the digital jungle. What’s more, your slick new DMI Certification works as a virtual passport. It looks sharp and is recognised at the door of (just about) all the best opportunities. That’s because it comes with true authority.


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NOTE: Refunds will only be issued as a Brawta credit. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further details.


Local Accreditation
Currently our programs are certified with the University College of the Caribbean and registered with the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ). However, we are currently going through the process of accreditation.


The University Council of Jamaica (UCJ)

The University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) is the External Quality Assurance (EQA) body for tertiary education in Jamaica. It is a statutory body currently under the portfolio of the Ministry of Education Youth and Information.

The UCJ quality assurance processes include: the registration of institutions, programme readiness assessment, the accreditation of programmes/institutions, recognition of programmes and monitoring.

In executing its functions, the UCJ has developed a number of Guidelines and Standards that are available to be used by its stakeholders, in the evaluation of institutions and programmes. These guidelines and standards aid in the delivery of programmes of study at different levels.

In fulfilment of its mission the UCJ also seeks to provide the following:
More efficient use of the existing tertiary and higher educational infrastructure in order to optimise the limited financial resources; Greater articulation among the institutions comprising the tertiary and higher education system
so as to achieve a more integrated framework; Facilitation of a system capable of responding more effectively to the country changing manpower needs.

International Accreditation
The Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification standard in digital marketing and digital selling education. iCreate Institute is the license holder for the Caribbean and the only authorized institution to deliver courses in this region on behalf of the Digital Marketing Institute.


Digital Marketing Institute Industry Advisory Council

The Industry Advisory Council (formally called the Syllabus Advisory Council), representing the world’s largest and most influential digital brands, validates all Digital Marketing Institute certification standards, syllabus, curriculum and assessment tools. By providing expert review and recommendations on a regular basis, the Council ensures that Digital Marketing Institute Certified Professionals have learned the most up to date digital skills, core competencies and knowledge needed to thrive in their digital careers.

The Industry Advisory Council’s role is to provide:
– Industry validation of the certifications through an iterative review process
– Industry policy advice on professional certifications
– maintain, monitor and promote the Digital Marketing Institute Certification Framework
– support the stakeholders and users of the framework – students, professionals, educator and

The Industry Advisory Council includes an independent chair and members from the digital
industry, educators, employers and recruitment specialists, and policy makers.


Contact Information

Address: 72B Hope Road

Contact Number: (876) 613-8973


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